About Us

We are part of a long line of Christians dating back to the Apostles. Our forefathers have suffered fines, loss of property, separation from family, slander, reproach, false accusations, imprisonment, torture, and many thousands of times death. Often these sufferings occurred at the hands of other professing Christians and so called “Christian” governments. Our forefathers patiently endured these sufferings by following Christ, loving their enemies, and doing good to those who persecuted them.

Unlike today, their message through the ages was clear, consistent, and remarkably unified. At times throughout history our Church was great in numbers and at other times it was very few. History books, for the most part, have been silent regarding our faith tending to focus more on the Protestant and Catholic sects. The Protestant Christians of our day have done a tremendous job of sharing their faith and story to the world. We believe that we have an even more compelling narrative than our Protestant friends and we have a burden to share it.

Today, many are troubled by the changes taking place within our country. Even more troubling to many are the changes taking place within the Church. No doubt, Christ expects us to make changes where we are not like Him.  However, many are concerned and unable to identify whether the constant changes we are experiencing are actually for the good.

While we may not be able to answer all of these concerns, we do believe that the Bible and faithful witnesses of the past speak very plainly today and give some very clear direction. History reveals that we as a Church are repeating some of the same errors previous Christians have made. History also clearly reveals that unless these erring groups repent they become hopelessly lost and removed from the lineage of faithful witnesses. We believe that though we have a rich heritage, we have gone astray and need to repent.

We hope that God will grant grace to repent by stirring up minds to remembrance. However, we do not believe that repentance will be enough if we also do not recover the Apostolic vision and then remain steadfast in it. It is exciting to be part of a growing body of believers who see the pressing need of sharing our narrative to the world and to the church. As the true church networks together and begins to mobilize we anticipate revival through the expansion of Christ’s kingdom!

If you are interested in joining 4RFaith, or would simply like to learn more, we'd love to hear from you! Please use our Contact Form and we'll be in touch with you soon!